Installatation Instructions

1. Create a new Web Application on SharePoint Foundation 2010 or SharePoint Server 2010
2. Create a New Site Collection against that new Web Application (Select template "Team Site" while creating this Site Collection)
3. Goto Site Settings of that new Web Application
4. Goto Solutions
5. Upload the SharePoint 2010 Application Template ".wsp" file, and Activate that when upload completes
6. Create a New Site in the newly created Site Collection (in step 2), and select the newly uploaded solution in Template section

Package Contents

1. Healthcare Blank Scorecard Site 2010.wsp
2. Healthcare Care Services Scorecard 2010.wsp
3. Healthcare Clinical Services Scorecard 2010.wsp
4. Healthcare Management Services Scorecard 2010.wsp
5. Healthcare Primary Care 2010.wsp

Installation Instructions for HealthCare Scorecard Template for SharePoint 2010

1. Open SharePoint 2010 Central Administration
2. Create a new web application under Application Management >> Manage Web Applications >> New
3. Create the site collection and under templates, choose Custom >> <Select Templates later>
4. Now open the link in a new browser window and click on “Solution Gallery”
5. Upload a healthcare scorecard template and activate it
6. After activation, go back to the site collection url and choose your uploaded and activated template from the custom tab. Click on OK
7. You will be asked to set the groups of the website.
8. After you choose the groups etc. you will be redirected to the website.

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